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Web Application Development


Development of web application is to design an application with the help of coding by a computer programming language which supports almost all browsers. This application can then be executed through the browsers.

Case Study

A company was facing major problems with the process of scheduling of work allotted to the employees. Initially everything worked out on a paper but then they shifted the data to spreadsheets. When there were fewer employees everything worked fine but as soon as the number of employees grew, it went on to become difficult as a unique spreadsheet per employee and a new master sheet was required every time. Problems started rising when it became almost impossible to search and edit each spreadsheet accurately without committing mistakes andthe process of scanning each spreadsheet was time consuming. Solutions that were available in the market were either costly or not up to the mark. Moreover people within the organization were not technically capable to solve this issue. So we developed a custom application specifically for them which managed their projects and time resulting in various benefits like - scheduling time was reduced, no training was required due to easy user interface, unproductive time decreased, generation of real time reports, no licensing or higher software fees, accessible through remote server located anywhere, centralized access, and productive time enhancement.

Benefits Of Web Application Development

  • Cross compatibility
  • Based in one place hence easy deployment to multiple users at a time.
  • Users are free from administering the software.
  • Automatic and immediate updates to newer versions.
  • Light in memory requirements and also necessary to download if at all required.
  • Portable enough so as to work on it from anywhere at any given time.
  • Reliable and simple which leads to no problems from protocols or firewalls.
  • Secure and safe back up taken at regular intervals.

Technologies help businesses to improve their efficiency and hence it is highly recommended to utilize a customized web application specifically developed for your business needs.

Why do you need a professional web development company?

In order to make constant revenue and profits by increasing sales and to consistently stay in the competition, you need to continually update your products and services to satisfy the changing requirements of users with time. For this you need to inform and create an awareness amongst the customers or users about your services and products. This can be achieved by having your own website online which will not only create your presence but also market your products/services continuously by constantly getting updated with time. For this you need to hire a professional web development company, who has good experience.
A professional web development company,

  • Will give you more than your expectations.
  • Increase your search engine rankings by continually optimizing your website.
  • Provides you with complete solutions right from designing and development of website to affiliate marketing, ppc marketing, SEO, etc.
  • Your records and accounts are maintained.
  • Provide you with the results which saves your resources, effort and time with minimum or no errors.

Benefits of consulting a professional web development company

  • Making your business fruitful and successful.
  • Making best use of your website.
  • Get a clear picture about what you actually do and how it can be beneficial by going for customized web designing and development.
  • Your requirements will be given a priority and website will be designed to attract the target market and increase your revenue and sales.

Professional web development company can also provide you following advanced services

Enterprise Portal


Enterprise Portals are developed for large scale organizations who have to manage a lot of data related to its documents, employees, etc centrally. Enterprise portals facilitate centralized access to all the data. Enterprise portals are meant to integrate information within the boundaries of the corporate related to the business processes, people, and their data. There is a centralized secured point for access in the form of a graphical user interface (GUI) in order to personalize and aggregate the required information. Also information gets updated with time due to the management and the contribution of decentralized content.

Intranet Portals, Extranet Portals, Third Party Software Integration, Portal Internationalization, End to End services are some of core services we provide within Portal Development services.

Basic Features

  • A user is required to authenticate only once as signing in can be done only once by users across various systems.
  • Data and functions could be connected with the new ones from multiple systems so as to facilitate a navigation which is in an integrated form between the two.
  • Using the technologies of WSRP and similar ones, content integration could be done from various portals.
  • Environment feel, look, services and content could be customized by the customers.
  • Content matching to the user services is provided in a personalized form.
  • Services and content can be limited to specific types with the help of an access control which maps the services with the portal content.
  • Content of enterprise could be searched using Enterprise Search.

Our Portals are equipped with Business Intelligence Reporting systems too by which you can measure the current output of present strategies and forecast for the future as well.

Business Applications


Business applications are software used for performing day to day functions of the business by the users of the business. They are meant not only to accurately perform the functions of the business but also to increase productivity by measuring it.

Basic Features

Business Flow

Business application workflow can be defined by analyzing business tasks which are executed on a daily basis. Integration of tasks can be done so as to organize them systematically in order to increase the productivity.

Expense Reduction

Costs can be reduced in parallel to increase in sales and revenue by task automation and also avoiding or reducing any kind inefficiencies or redundancies in work.

Information Access

Each business application has its own database which is centrally located so as to search company wide information from within the application. Records can be tracked related to stocks, products, suppliers, etc easily and quickly.

Report Generation

Reports are generated in a customized form automatically related to the labor, costing, profit, sales, revenue, and others, etc.


Business applications are scalable as it can vary from large to medium or small organizations and can be customized as per requirements and feasibility.

We provide customized solutions for your business.

Why Spinx Inc.?

SPINX Inc. has been amongst the leading eCommerce web development company located in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. Our highly skilled team of programmers and developers offer a diverse range of products using the most updated technology. Our effective campaigns for online marketing as well as solutions which are both professional and technical, smoothens operations of client’s business.

We have been instrumental in deploying many applications, containing a huge amount of transactions and data, for years. Our domain expertise consisting of designers, analysts and programmers are capable of providing creative and productive solutions by analyzing their business ideas which are highly complex in nature. Our customized solutions are feature rich and are designed in such an easy manner which can be used by experts as well as novice.

Spinx Inc. Services:

  • Development of web using programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery, PHP, Ajax, and ASP.NET
  • Designing of advanced and basic CMS
  • Integration of advanced and basic database
  • Development of web applications on an advanced level
  • Designing of advanced and basic solutions in eCommerce
  • Development of social networking websites or communities
  • Development of Enterprise web portals and Business applications.
  • Development of dashboard applications highly used for Business Intelligence.

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