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Ecommerce Development in Magento

Magento Web Development


Magento is a web application technology based on eCommerce and an open source platform which uses PHP as web and MySQL as a database language. Due to its open source base, users can update their web applications or websites themselves with its paid or free extensions on a regular basis. Its features include catalogue management, search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing and many more. Magento has mainly three types of editions: Community, Professional and Enterprise Edition.


  • Business Data could be migrated to eStore of Magento to prevent data loss.
  • Affordable as you need not to go for a complete website development.
  • Website can be customized easily once deployed to the clients.
  • eCommerce offered by Magento allows users not only to go for a product comparison but also allows them to review the products.
  • Third party tools and a gateway of safe payment transfer like Authorize.net, Paypal Standard, Paypal Express, etc can be integrated easily.
  • Multiple e-shops can be managed by single administrator.

Why only Spinx Inc. Magento Web Developers?

Here at SPINX, we have a team of experienced Magento developers who can develop a striking and professional magento design which provide our clients an edge in online retail business. We have a long list of satisfied clients who give credit to our Magento programmers for delivering high quality yet affordable eCommerce web sites. We modify Magento into an eCommerce platform which is loaded with features to provide our clients with an extensive control and flexibility over the looks, functionalities, and contents of their online stores.


  • Conversion of Photoshop to Magento template.
  • Services upgrade for Magento.
  • Web designing in Magento.
  • Web development in Magento.
  • Development of widgets and modules for Magento.
  • Designing of template for Magento.
  • Development of template for Magento.
  • Magento Web design hosting.
  • Search Engine Optimization for Magento.
  • Tuning of performance for Magento.

Experience and Strength

We at Spinx, provide customized Ecommerce solutions with Magento, for our clients belonging to various business. To achieve this we have got Magento programmers who are not only experienced but are also highly talented with a goal to put their best ability and satisfy the clients. These developers are backed by our dedicated system of management of projects.The clients are regularly updated on the progress of project which is developed by us.

How do we work with clients?

Our work process with clients


  • What is Magento?

    A platform for eCommerce based on open source technology with rich features providing online businesses to take control over the functionality, content and looks of their eCommerce website.

  • Describe the various editions of Magento?

    Magento Community is a free edition while Magento Enterprise is a paid edition based on annual membership.

  • Is Magento an open source platform?

    Yes it is an open source platform.

  • Where can I get various add-ons, extensions and themes for Magento?

    You can get it on the Magento marketplace called as Magento Connect.

  • What features does Magento provide?

    It supports various features such as tools for market promotion, reporting and analytics, SEO, management of site, management of catalogues, browsing of catalogues, browsing of products, mobile commerce, support for international languages and currencies, checkout, shipping, multi-payment, accounts, services and order management, etc. so as to make magento website development lot easier.

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