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Web designing in current timeis very important as this is an age of marketing your business in the virtual world to get maximum reach and to create an awareness amongst customers resulting in an increase of sales and revenue. This is due to the fact that websites stimulate emotions inside a user or a visitor with its visual appearance. Web designing is more than just making your site attractive as its main goal is to create awareness and market its products or services by acting as a bridge between the company and its customers.

At Spinx, we have web designers having expertise in providing customized web design service to produce a quality website for our clients. Our developers, programmers, designers are well equipped with a thorough knowledge combined with years of experience to provide clients with best output in overcoming challenges that they come across while customizing a website design for clients. We are a digital agency who aims to design websites meant for both computer and mobile devices which are compatible across various browsers and platforms. By creating visually appealing websites we strive to create a strong long term association between the clients and their customers.

What is required to build a custom website?

  • Website Designing is a unique art and a perfectly designed website should have a professional look and have a classy feel to not only attract the visitors, online users or customers but also to exchange information regarding products and services in an intuitive and interactive way.
  • Features in the website should be customized so that clients can offer their customers more than just a website. Features such as multimedia downloads & uploads, RSS feed, calendar, password protection, secure login, animation, image gallery, etc.
  • Feel and look should be personalized according to the client and their requirements.
  • Continuous support should be provided in terms of technical issues or marketing, after the deployment of the website.
  • Once the website is designed and developed, it should be marketed through search engines to create an awareness about it.
  • After it is listed in the search engine, various search engine optimization techniques and strategies should be used so as to optimize the website rankings and display your website on top of the search results when searched by customers especially when they want to avail your products or services.

Why Spinx Inc. for a custom web design instead of freely available web design templates?

Websites are meant for growing a business by marketing its products and services; and generating sales and revenue by attracting an increasing number of visitors. A website is a representation of online business which allures customers, retains them and markets its products and services into new avenues. If you are looking for a visually appealing website which strongly communicates the message thus generating added customers, well, Spinx Inc. is definitely the right place for you.

Here at Spinx, we dedicate a lot of time, resources, efforts and thoughts. We create highly superior quality products for our clients. We achieve this by interacting with our clients, understanding their goals, target audience, and effectively delivering a website which ensures complete satisfaction to the clients. There are various parameters that we keep in mind while going through the planning, designing, development and testing phases of the client’s projects which are as :

  • Detailed analysis of client project and requirements
  • Creativity and uniqueness taken into consideration while designing process
  • Testing done thoroughly to ensure the website quality and performance before the deployment and launch

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