NFC not really meant for just cellular payments anymore

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Other than the payments being made through cell phones, the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is finding new avenues for users.  Paying for items in a close vicinity is the least used technology as what is visible from the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Almost all the NFC powered devices use the technology for making a digital handshake with other similar devices to transfer the information. NFC is basically a chip technology that is used by different devices in order to transfer huge amounts of data between each other through a wireless connectivity. This is the technology used in credit cards, coupons, ticket booking and much more.

The trend related to paying through mobiles faces many obstacles in terms of adoption by the masses as well as the point of sales (POS) terminals required to use the technology. At CES, the NFC had been installed in possibly everything right from business cards, refrigerators, televisions, cameras, speakers, to Smartphones and several other items. Companies like Panasonic has even introduced NFC in cookers at this event. The technology has already started making a mark in case of Smartphones & now different devices coming up with NFC would be a treat for the users. Apple has played the most important role by imbibing the NFC technology in the iPhone & letting the technology come to be noticed.

Even Samsung has proved to be a front runner in encouraging the technology to a large extent by bringing it in its Galaxy series Smartphones such as S3.  Also, it has come up with speakers that use the NFC technology where content can be transferred using a Bluetooth. Sony Corporation also came up with a wide range of NFC devices such as speakers, remotes, Smartphones & TVs at CES. Adding to this list is Panasonic and LG coming up with other NFC enabled devices like refrigerators, vacuums and washing machines. In such cases the users can actually connect these devices with an NFC Smartphone which then will control the device operations.

It is certainly a step ahead then the Bluetooth technology. A Bluetooth device needs to be discovered, & passwords have to be entered in order to get connected. But with NFC it just takes one tap to pair two items. NFC also helps in getting information from non electronic devices such as a poster or an advertisement through passive tags which are present in it. As an example, Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas, is making use of this technology by installing 4500 Samsung Technology Tiles in its resorts allowing users to get various information related to tickets, menus, showtimes, & game tutorials.

NFC also has some disadvantages like very close proximity of two devices, & the difficulty faced in tapping by some users. Also not all the NFC products work together because organizations incorporate their own software & put limitations on the working of the devices. Due to all these reasons, there are less chances that it will replace WIFI or Bluetooth in a near future. But still it is predicted that NFC will gradually be a success with all major electronic products.

So finally let’s take a glimpse of the products that utilizes NFC technology:

• Business Cards
• Posters
• Speakers
• Headphones
• Music Players
• Cameras
• TVs
• Remote Controls
• Home Appliances
• Kitchen Appliances
• Computers
• Electronic Meters
• Machines
• Heart Monitors
• Video Game Consoles
• Cars

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