From Boring to Buzz-Worthy: Creative Web Design Ideas to Consider

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In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, cutting through the clutter can be difficult for even the most resourceful organizations. Investing in creative web design is an immediate way to grab consumer attention and differentiate a brand from competitors in its market. Do any of these creative ideas resonate with you?

 1. Grid-style layouts. While grid-style layouts aren’t appropriate for every business, they’re especially attractive for brands targeting   younger demographics and female users. The massive popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, and similar image sharing sites has brought this web design pattern into the mainstream.

Since humans are predominantly visual creatures , grid-style layouts easily let visitors browse online stores and find the items they’re looking for. Grid-style designs aren’t exclusive to commercial sites, though, as even business blogs are using this layout to organize their posts. By merging social media design with traditional business layouts, your brand can experience the best that both worlds have to offer.

2. Scrolling pages. In addition to its creative design, endless scrolling pages address one of the biggest concerns of every webmaster: bounce rates. The more times a visitor clicks on the mouse, the greater the likelihood the user might click away. Scrolling pages are creative in that they unify the content of the site into a single page, thereby keeping visitors on the site longer, especially if they’re captivated by the content they stumble upon.

Scrolling pages also ensure that quality content is easily accessible via the most convenient interactive experience possible. The longer you keep users on your site, the more likely they will make a purchase or re-visit in the future.

3. Creative image captions. Most businesses already use images to spruce up their site and blog content, but it’s rare for brands to take the time to craft creative image captions . Think about it: if an image has a caption, you’re likely to read it and take another look at the picture, right? Image captions improve site importance while attracting more visitors. Remember, search engines scroll your site for content, and captions optimize the image for better search engine rankings.

4. Big and bold. Not every business requires a lot of content to sell its services and products. Sometimes, less is truly more. When this is the case, your site design will have to be big and bold to make up for the lack of extensive content. Elaborate typography, large fonts, and compelling images will keep viewers interested, propelling them through your digital sales funnel.

Since big words are actionable, ensure that you use Calls-to-Action (CTAs) as often as possible. For instance, Start the Tour, Visit Our Blog, or Subscribe to Our Newsletter are generic CTAs that look incredibly appealing with effective typography. Go big and bold to maximize impact and improve site performance.

5. Focus on video. Any business can throw a few images on their website to create a visual draw for consumers. However, very few businesses invest in website videos , which improve conversion rates while doubling as marketing tools. If images are beneficial to a site’s success, then online videos are steroids that bring your site to the next level.

From explainer videos to intro videos, testimonials to how-to-videos, the opportunities are endless. Since there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to creative web elements, video can be tailored to meet the specific needs, voice, and content of your business. By incorporating video into your website, you immediately distinguish your business from competitors in its niche.

6. Specific landing pages. While it’s easy to focus on making your website as beautiful as possible, remember the various channels through which visitors will find your site. Invest in specific landing pages for your various marketing campaigns. For example, someone who clicks on a PPC ad will land on a different page than someone who discovers your business through a blog.

The benefits of landing pages are clear:

  • Message match. The leading reason for high bounce rates is a mismatched messaged. Investing in landing pages ensures that you maintain ad message momentum as people discover your business. The very offer displayed in the ad should be the first thing that visitors see when they visit your site. This is why a landing page is more effective than redirecting visitors to the homepage.
  • Testing opportunities. Landing pages allow you to test multiple versions of the same page to determine which is most effective. The more you test and examine opportunities, the more efficient your website will become.

7. Flat design elements. Since flat design is the trend on mobile devices, it’s critical to ensure your website is using this creative design, especially since 58 percent of American adults use their smartphone on a daily basis. Flat design allows you to focus on the messaging of the site, giving your content an opportunity to shine and resonate with visitors

8. Creative web copy. In addition the design of the site itself, why not invest in creative web copy? Consider Vat19 , which uses creative videos to promote its massive catalog of products. Creative and funny content not only resonates with web users, but makes content more shareable as well.

9. Vintage themes. What was once old is becoming new again, especially as nostalgic and vintage themes become more mainstream. Vintage themes succeed today because they naturally incorporate all of today’s web design trends including simplicity, flat design, and faded colors.

10. Less is more. Consider taking simplistic web design to an extreme level. By following the “less is more” mantra, you’re forced to be more creative with web design options, which can result in an extremely unique and valuable site. Less content and design elements mean that everything on the page must have a specific purpose and that no space is wasted. This is the highest test of web efficiency, and fortunately, the reward is a high performance website.

At SPINX, Inc., we want to help you create the optimal website with the latest ideas that foster customer engagement. Contact us today to learn more about the web design services we have to offer.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith is an avid tech blogger with vast experience in various IT domains, currently associated with SPINX Inc., a Los Angeles based website design, web development and internet marketing company.

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