5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Site Responsive As Soon As Possible

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The World Wide Web is changing every day and webmasters have to stay updated with the frequent modifications. If they fail to do so, it may result in their sites turning into a pale shadow of their original selves. One of the techniques to deal with this phenomenon and which is getting very popular is responsive web design . The objective of this technique is to make mobile users’ surfing experience much more pleasurable than it is. Remember: People are looking at your website from their tablets or mobiles and so you have a few convincing reasons why you must make your website responsive in the quickest way possible.

Mobiles and Tablets are big 
Today, it’s common knowledge that mobile phones and tablets are selling far more than desktop computers. It won’t be very long before these gadgets get very advanced and more and more people will use them when they want to look for something online. If you have a website, take a look at your analytics: you will get to know the number of people who are watching your website through mobile devices just now. So you must take care of them or they won’t return to your site.
Don’t let money slip away
Since a lot of people will be looking at your website from their Galaxy S4 or iPad, you will need to have products that people will want to buy. The things you have for sale will have to be stuff that people want and which they can find easily and fast. If your website is going to hurt their eyes it’s not likely that they will care to fish their credit cards out of their pockets. You could lose only 5% of sales at that time but in the end that figure gets more and more bigger. So make the necessary changes now – don’t let that money slip away.
Your real fans will stay happy
You will apparently have diehard fans who love to read all that you write. Whether it is on their home desktops, or on their mobiles when they are in the bus or train or in their cars, they will want to read your articles. Since you wish that they be happy, you must have a responsive website that will respond to their mobile searches. Otherwise, they will get bored reading your site from only their desktops and will eventually not return to it.

It’s not a tough job
Converting your website into a responsive one is really not such a tough job. It’s certainly not an easy one, but it’s worth the money and effort you put into it and it’s something that you have to do. If you make use of blogging platforms like WordPress you will find that many of their themes are responsive already. If you wish, you can take on a developer to build your responsive site. If your website is a profitable one, you will not have to worry about the money involved.

Google will like it
Like all the other websites on the net, Google also wants to make its visitors happy. If you have a responsive site it will mean that you are making an effort to make Google’s visitors happy also, which means your whole site will have the same URL and pages as it usually does. If you had decided to create a regular mobile website things would have become much more complicated. You would not like to mess around with Google, for your rankings count so much.

Don’t leave it till the last moment
You can see what will happen if your site is not responsive; therefore don’t make an attempt to fight it. You may be losing money too right now for people who are using mobile devices to surf websites are not buying anything from you. Give it a deep thought and you will come to realize that responsive design is quite essential if you wish to make progress in your business.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith is an avid tech blogger with vast experience in various IT domains, currently associated with SPINX Inc., a Los Angeles based website design, web development and internet marketing company.

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