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Nov 2011

Web Design-Barriers To Communication

The website designer when designing the website will always like to optimize on the efficiency and effectiveness of the website. When try this there could be some obstructions in the way of the web designer. Some of the prominent barriers to communication are as follows. • All visitors are


Nov 2011

Web Design-Simple Ways for Enhancing the Website Appeal

It has been usually observed that by resorting to complex coding the attractiveness of the website increases but at the same time its complexity too increases. When this happens there are more chances of the visitor getting distracted, consequently the efficiency of the website is adversely affected


Oct 2011

Overview of End To End Mobile Apps Development

Smart phone mobile apps development is a rapidly growing industry these days, with feature rich and highly capable smart phones now available at a price anyone can easily afford it. It is also the techniques and methodologies that mobile app developers are using for developing applications for mobil


Oct 2011

Optimizing The Functionality of The Web Design

Any website is designed to serve a purpose. This implies that the website should perform some functions. These functions depend on the needs of the final users of the website as well as the expectations of those who own the website. The functional design can be the final result as well the path


Oct 2011

WordPress is An Open Source Multi Tasking Engine

Blogging and Blog both term has got universal identification and more than that even if it so popular people mostly get confused while thinking on it. As the current blogging system is not easy to understand also its management section is little difficult to understand and not so appealing.Providing


Sep 2011

Web Designing-Overview of Style Guidelines and Branding Guidelines

The web designer may think that his work is over once he/she has designed the website but is the website perfect or complete? The website design can be complete if the business that it promotes is complete or never going to change in the future. This is not possible. On the contrary the business id


Sep 2011

Web Designing-Relationship Building on Simplicity and Reward

At times the visits and revisits depend on the intensity of the relationship between the visitor and the website. This is why at times people like visiting some websites very often while at the same time they would never like to visit some other websites. Some websites are such that the features, fu

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