Mar 2015

Fundamental Digital Marketing Concepts Every Pro Should Know

Digital marketing professionals are in hot demand. As brands race to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online business, they need people who can ensure that they stay relevant (and profitable). Designers, developers, content strategists – all of these folks are critical, but simply having them on your team isn’t enough. You need to know how to integrate them into a successful whole. Whether...

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Feb 2015

Best Practices for Unforgettable Brand Storytelling

Storytelling isn’t exactly a new tactic for businesses. Brands have been using narratives to communicate their identity and values for years (you can even see Coke relating their product to the classic “hero’s journey” in this awkward but effective commercial from 1979).&nbs


Feb 2015

Your Social Media Campaigns are Failing? Here is How to Improve ROI

Don’t be fooled – social media marketing campaigns are hard. No matter what articles you read promising simple tricks and easy results, the fact is that getting ROI out of your efforts in social is a delicate dance. It requires an understanding of the landscape, which is constantly evolv


Feb 2015

Bold Web Design Predictions for 2015

On almost any given day, you can find new content on the state of web design. It’s a hot topic for digital marketers, sure, but I think there’s a deeper reason why it provokes so much discussion  Websites are the face of the internet. How they look, function and feel reflects t


Feb 2015

Why Brands Should Take Advantage of Pinterest

Content marketing relies on a number of methods to build a brand. From blogs to status updates to videos, companies have no shortage of ways to define their voice and reach an audience. However, one highly sophisticated, tried and true method stands out among the rest: pretty, pretty pictures. 


Jan 2015

How to Leverage Your Brand with Memes

Memes summarize our use of the web. Sure, those customized images of Success Kid and Conspiracy Keanu may be nothing more than a glorious waste of time, but they’re scan-able, easy-to-digest, and entertaining (hopefully) – all things we value in our web browsing.    


Jan 2015

Most Important Elements to get Followers from Twitter

Use your Real Name for Username:  Should I use my user real name on Twitter for username? Indeed, yes. It’s very crucial to let your audience know your real name. Twitter is used by ‘real’ people for promotion and networking. Therefore, if possible use your real name to at


Jan 2015

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Approaching a Mobile App Developer

Do you have a great idea for a mobile app that could make you (or your company) a great deal of money? Such sparks of inspiration are exciting, but not having the technical skills to create the app requires hiring a developer. In many cases, companies will hire a freelance developer to construct the


Dec 2014

The New Integrated Marketing: Is Your Brand on Board?

When it comes to marketing, developing unified messaging across various media platforms is crucial to campaign success. This process, known as integrated marketing, formerly consisted only of communications and messaging; however, it is evolving into a more holistic approach that spans every aspect


Dec 2014

7 Ways to Create User-Friendly Website Navigation

Few things are more frustrating to visitors of e-commerce websites than complex or confusing navigation. When creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, companies should place high priority on user-friendly navigation.     Why does intelligible web navigation matter?&

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