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Creativity + Technology

“SPINX was born in the sweet spot where creativity intersects with technology.
That’s why we’re SPINX - A Digital Agency.”

SPINX is a digital agency based in Los Angeles. We offer a wide array of creative and technical solutions, including website design and engineering, graphic design, eCommerce solutions, custom web and social applications, mobile applications, mobile websites, online strategy, consulting, and online marketing.

With clients ranging from online start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, SPINX delivers innovative website solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and integrated marketing strategies that launch and drive business.

Our solutions are applied to all digital touch points from websites to mobile, including mobile websites, mobile applications, tablet applications, social and gaming applications, video and SaaS (software-as-a-service).

Unlike traditional advertising and marketing agencies, SPINX’s focus has been on interactive from the beginning. We pride ourselves for being equal parts creative and technical, and for seeing the big picture.

Integrated website design agency in Los Angeles

At SPINX, we create designs, and build and execute strategies with immense vision while keeping the organizational objective in mind. We develop integrated campaigns for our clients that weave multiple mediums together, such as social media, online contests, QR codes, microsites, and company videos, all of which can be used to further enhance traditional online and offline campaigns.

We deliver innovative web solutions with cutting-edge technologies and integrated marketing strategies that launch and drive business.

What makes SPINX different?

Personalization and professionalism is what makes SPINX different. Our first priority is to understand your business and online goals. We listen carefully, analyze your needs, and tailor our service offerings to propose a solution that uniquely meets the needs of your project and budget. Our dedicated and talented team of designers, programmers, user-experience specialists, strategists, writers, and project managers are passionate about the level of service and quality of work they deliver. This results in well-executed digital websites, effective marketing campaigns, happy clients, and lasting relationships.

Innovative Thinking

We have a team of creative professionals who are recognized for their innovative and strategic ideas which are extraordinary, unique and dynamic. We go beyond the expectations of our clients to achieve overwhelming results.


Our strengths lie in our creativity, brilliant team work, consistency, great inter personal relations, strong domain knowledge, highly skilled technical expertise, client relationship management, accuracy, efficiency, time consciousness, requirement analysis and a systematic planned approach along with a robust process.

Professional Web Design Company

SPINX serves clients not only in Los Angeles but throughout the United States and across a wide range of industries. Our clients range from online startups to Fortune 500 companies. With a vast array of projects under our belts, our experience puts us head and shoulders above our competitors. Our professional team of web consultants, creative designers, writers, and programmers at Los Angeles office work with you to understand your business, online goals, and achieve measurable results.

SPINX thrives on doing more than just designing and developing your digital strategy. We also provide valuable insight and business acumen to help steer your company and marketing department in the right direction. We convert YOUR vision into reality by successful implementation and seamless integration of multiple digital technologies. Strategic thinking, personal attention, competitive pricing, and timely results are our promise to you. Experience a world of a difference with SPINX.

We trust you know more about your business than we do, and our clients trust we know more about ours than they do! If you have an idea for a new concept or online business we are happy to contribute our expertise and wealth of knowledge from years of being in this business. We consult with businesses both small and large to evaluate, make recommendations, and develop strategies to launch and take their business to the next level online. If you are looking for good honest advice, minus the sales pitch, call us today!

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Rich Internet Application Development
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Facebook Programming
  • Game Development
  • Software Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Branding & Identity

Web Design

We provide various types of website design services such as:

  • Customized Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Flash Websites
  • Online Video Sites
  • Multi language or Multilingual Websites

Custom Website Design

SPINX is a full service web design firm based in Los Angeles, California. We provide custom web design services and solutions to various businesses across the globe. As a leading web design company, we focus on merging innovative ideas and customizing web page design to achieve the most effective results at a most reasonable price. Our team at LA office is well trained and ensures individual attention is extended to each client, regardless of how large or small the project is.

Flash Website Design

Flash websites are animated using sound effects and are interactive in nature. Users are provided with more than just information on these websites. Small sized web pages, are loaded with multimedia content along with high resolution graphics which are dynamic in nature.

Website Videos & Online Video Sites

Website videos are certainly the best medium to effectively communicate messages to users across the globe since it can deliver a clear and crisp message efficiently. The clients can actually make their presence felt by developing a video presentation of the sites content.

We create professional videos for websites irrespective of the length of the video which are visually appealing and by which our clients can actually provide the user a higher level of interaction in order to brand their products or services.

We also create online websites for videos which allows users to upload, download, view or share videos. Hence these websites are loaded with rich content as we make use of the latest technologies and platforms to give users a smooth multimedia streaming experience.

Multilingual Websites

We also create websites for clients whose users are located across the globe. Our multilingual websites display contents in multiple languages particularly for those whose target audience is present in multiple countries speaking multiple languages.

Web Application

Our services are customized for every client with different and unique requirements. We specialize in these services for different industries. E-commerce, social networking, and business automation are some of the categories that we produce.

Social Network Systems

We build systems for social networking requirements and create online platforms where people and their digital networks integrate and socialize with each other to communicate and share information for a common purpose.


We create programsfor large enterprises, offering solutions that will keep your organizational pace parallel with meeting customer demands. Our clients can actually concentrate on their daily work activities by simply generating instant reports of any department on their dashboards.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server Consulting

With the help of Microsoft SharePoint, our programs help clients manage their documents. When a worldwide organization needs to manage huge databases centrally on the web, we suggest they use Microsoft SharePoint as their primary technology. We have worked with large scale organizations and have successfully implemented MOSS.

Biz Talk Server

We design solutions with the help of BizTalk, a server for managing business processes to allow our clients to have their business flow integrated and automated. This helps facilitate transactions taking place between systems located within or outside of the boundaries of the organization.

Customized Web Applications

We provide you with custom web app solutions that integrate your business processes together resulting in higher efficiency. Our solutions are customized to satisfy different business needs accordingly. We can code your concepts!


We design dashboard solutions for our clients to present the information in a way which is not only readable but also systematically organized for a highly interactive graphical user interface (GUI). Our user friendly dashboards make it very easy for operation by the end user.

Business Intelligence

We deliver business intelligence functions capable of collecting, storing, researching and accessing relevant data for relevant decision making. Different data mining tools, decision support systems, content management systems, database servers, data estimation and forecasting tools are integrated together and put to its best use in order to generate business intelligence reports.

Content Management System

We design and create a content management system which permits our clients to publish, edit and modify website content through procedures integrated in an environment that is collaborative. This way, the content of the website can be updated very easily.

E-Learning Solutions

We provide integrated e-learning solutions to the organizations in order to achieve a high level of productivity, effectiveness and efficiency by enabling clients to impart knowledge to their employees and customers. We also provide parallel support in the form of training our clients for the same. Our e-learning solutions are very user-friendly and interactive in nature.

Rich Internet

Flash Action Script

Using ActionScript (an open source language) for Flash, we create software and websites based on Adobe Flash Player where you will see web pages embedded in the form of SWF files.

Flex Programming

Flex programming or Apache Flex software development kit (SDK) helps us create and deliver internet apps for our clients which are cross compatible across platforms, rich in content and based on the Adobe Flash platform.

Microsoft SilverLight

We program internet-rich apps using a framework such as Microsoft Silverlight with a similar purpose or feature to that of Adobe Flash to give our clients a fully loaded product with features like animation, graphics and multimedia.

Microsoft Surface

With the help of our apps based on Microsoft Surface, clients can choose to work directly on advanced Microsoft Surface platform, which is feature rich and wireless thanks to a highly updated platform with the latest functions.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Web features and platforms

We offer professional solutions in eCommerce by building a customized website which can display unlimited client categories and products, secure page check in and check outs, product sales to customers easily and provide easy payment options to the customers. We can also give you multiple choices of Shopping Carts.

Secure Online Shopping

We prepare secured eCommerce websites for our clients which enables users to use multiple browsers for different products on the same site, keeping their information personalized. Users can enjoy safe payment through credit or debit cards, secured form filling, giving appropriate options of products or services to choose from, etc. We certify all our eCommerce websites with an SSL Certificate.

Multilingual eCommerce

We design and develop multilingual eCommerce websites in order to satisfy customers across the globe no matter what their origin is, resulting in an online multicultural shopping store dealing with multiple languages and respective currency thus facilitating a simpler trade and enhancing its growth.

Multi-Currency eCommerce

We develop eCommerce solutions for clients to facilitate customers from across the world by inserting multi currency functionality into the application, where a wider audience can conveniently shop online without worrying about performing payment transactions in other currencies online.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We facilitate various payment gateways on our eCommerce websites by authorizing payments and encrypting payment-related information of the users. This is a safe way of online shopping which in turn facilitates secure payment so users are rest-assured about their money. Authorize.net, PayPal, Google Check Out, etc. are a few amongst standard payment gateways.


We specialize in programming eCommerce sites for clients in Magento Technology. It gives an edge to our clients to take full control over the functionality, content and appearance of the website. It is an open source platform and is globally acknowledged as a leader in Open Source eCommerce Platforms.


We provide an eCommerce solution through OSCommerce, which enables us to provide various functions of the shopping cart to our clients which helps them start, organize, run and maintain their online stores with minimum cost, time, limitations and efforts. It’s another open source platform widely used after Magento.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application and Mobile Website

We create programs for handheld or mobile devices such as PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), laptops and tablets, which are delivered with the help of HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol) using the client or server side processing in browser.

We also make mobile versions of your website. When a user logs on to your website from a mobile phone, they will see the mobile version of your site. Mobile websites are meant to be small, compact and very user friendly to fit the mobiles small display screens.


We develop user friendly, interactive iPhone apps using our sound, technical knowledge of Objective C Language, Xcode, etc., which is widely used for creating these programs.

iPhone iOS 5

With iOS 5, we make programs that are meant specifically for the iPhone 5 operating system, which is feature- rich, such as social networking, reminders, Newsstand, iMessage, notification center and iCloud.


With the ever increasing popularity of the iPad in the tablet category, we ensure delivering programs for iPads to our clients. Thus, keeping up with the requirements of the new generation, who are engaged and involved on their personal and professional fronts with these customized programs.


We provide programs for the Java-based popular operating system, Android. Our Los Angeles team has expertise in Application Programming Interface and Android Software Development Kit, therefore allowing us to create these customized programs for our clients such as GPS, asset tracking, etc. We have developed many of these in Android and successfully launched them in Play Store.

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile apps incorporate our team’s knowledge and expertise of .Net and Visual Studio server infrastructure. “Mango” being the last OS launched by Microsoft.


Programs for blackberry powered devices are available with the help of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE), on specifically two platforms MDS and Java Virtual Machine J2ME.We use J2ME majority of times.


Mobile applications are available based on Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME), followed by simulation testing for platform portability. We can build your unique app on this platform if required.


Our customized solutions for Symbian programs belong to various categories, from applications for Bluetooth, to navigation and GPS, multimedia, games, security, video and audio streaming, etc. This is not commonly done. However if it’s in demand, we are able to provide it because of our expertise!

Apps for PDA’s.

Our developers help you by creating applications for Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) which assists you in self management, replacing paper work, organizing and managing client information, wireless communication, data collection solutions, business solutions, inventory management, schedule and work management, etc.

Touch Gadgets

We offer programs for touch screen gadgets such as tablets or smart phones which enables users to operate through smooth touch compatibility with an easy swap facility.

QR (Quick Response Code Reader)

We can provide apps based on the barcode reader for mobiles known as quick response code reader, which enables users to scan and read bar-codes for various items with the help of mobile. This aids the users to display information from the web regarding the subject being scanned.

Customized Sales for Mobiles/Tablets

We have customized mobile programs in the form of sales presentations on mobiles which can be widely used by your sales team to generate more sales. We have created fantastic sales apps on iPhone and iPod for St. Jude Medical – a Pioneer in the industry of Pacemakers manufacturing.

Mobile Ads

We design and create effective ads for your mobile phones which can grab the user’s attention with just a click. Our Ads are interactive. For this we use CPC/CPM ad systems for mobile which is a combination of click through rate (CTR) and pay per click (PPC). We also have experience in using I Ads for iPhone.

Mobile Text or Message System

We provide programs for text sharing on mobiles which help companies share a single message amongst their massive list of clients. Companies can share texts with their sales teams, marketing team, and in fact any department and individually as well. Texts can be sent directly to the mobile numbers.

Facebook Programming

Integrate Facebook on websites

To add a social dimension on your website, we help you integrate Facebook on your site which helps to increase traffic on your web pages.

Develop Unique Facebook Applications

We build these for Facebook, which allow our clients to take full advantage of social networking into marketing for their website. With these applications our clients can attract their target audience through information and sharing about their services and products.

Social Commerce / Facebook eCommerce

Our Facebook applications help our clients grow their business by presenting their offerings to users through a social network platform, Facebook, which allows for a variety of software programs such as a personalized corporate page, product offers or eCommerce setups through iFrames.


iPhone Games

Producing games for iPhone requires special technical expertise and skills as it requires dealing with a small layout interface combined with programming for the iPhone and its special audio and graphics requirements. This is challenging as iPhone users expect more with every new version of the phone.

Android Games

Our dev team works from conceptualization; designing, developing, checking quality and finally distributing applications or games based on the Android operating system to our clients. We promise to deliver quality and we provide our best service, therefore keeping the client’s interest intact throughout the process. We have many games uploaded on the Play Store.

Game Programming & Gaming Coders

We have genius programmers and geeky game developers for our most difficult game programming services. It is very rare to find an excellent game dev team, and we are lucky to have one great team of people for producing excellent and engaging game titles. Game formulation takes place in sync with both programmers and designers.

Flash Games

Flash games are created with precision and clarity by our flash game dev team who keep track of the entire game creation process making sure every detail is taken care of to produce high quality flash games. We have crafted a few unique flash games that have meet our client’s satisfaction.


We build software for our clients by different phases: visual designing and planning through computer programming, and writing and maintaining the source code. We aim to satisfy our clients by helping them achieve the required need pertaining to their business.

Software as a Service - Saas

We provide Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model to our clients in which we host and provide them with software that can be accessed and used over the internet whenever required. In addition, we provide you with the daily technical operations, maintenance and support for the software.

Microsoft Dynamics

We provide our clients with ERP and CRM solutions designed and developed with the help of a Microsoft Dynamics package which enables us to deliver multilingual CRM, finance and accounts ERP solution, and business management solutions for clients based in numerous countries.


We provide our clients with systems designed for customer relationship management which collect, organize and analyze customer details. This helps our clients to build a long lasting relationship with their customers by knowing their needs, wants, likes, dislikes, expectations and preferences.


We provide ERP systems which integrate the internal and external boundaries of the organization in order to bind the business processes and activities to facilitate a steady flow of information within or across organizational boundaries.

Customized Software & Re-engineering

We provide customized solutions to allow clients to excel in their business. Software Re-engineering takes place when there is a need to upgrade the current software to the latest framework to improve performance and efficiency of the software application. It gives our clients an edge to compete and remain ahead of the competition.

Software Migration Services & Re-engineering

Our software migration services permit our clients to move from older conventional systems to the latest open platforms. This helps them with flexibility in their business and lowering their operating and maintenance costs resulting in higher revenue.

Online Marketing

With the search engines acting as a substitute for Yellow Pages, your online presence and exposure is critical to maintain a competitive advantage. For many businesses and industries, their website is their single most important marketing tool and hence they need Online Marketing as their key weapon to excel in their business. There are various Online Marketing strategies which are mentioned below.

Internet Marketing

With your customers and client base spending increasingly more time online, internet marketing is critical to gain exposure and generate new business. Big and small businesses alike are giving equal credence to their online marketing efforts as they are as well traditional offline campaigns. SPINX is an online marketing company from LA that provides services to both domestic and international clients. We can create effective online promotions and campaigns tailored specifically for your business and budget. From lead generation to brand awareness, SPINX has creative and result-driven solutions to promote your business online. It requires a combination of technical and creative knowledge in order to engage customers through blogs and websites, search engine optimization and marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content writing and reputation management, etc.

Online Video Advertising

Videos can be promoted and optimized on various video channels like YouTube, etc.

Online Reputation Management

We perform Online Reputation Management services for our large scale clients. We are here to ensure your reputation on the web remains safe and intact and grows on a positive note.

Mobile Application Marketing

We are engaged in providing marketing of apps based on various mobile platforms such as Java, Symbian, Windows, Android, Blackberry, and iOS by understanding the specific environment behind every platform, using various algorithms for search to optimize the results to the maximum possible extent.

Increase your Facebook Fans

Facebook fans always look forward to fresh and engaging content. We develop Facebook pages and content for our clients to maintain and increase their user conversion rate effectively by new, innovative and creative branding of client products and services.

Facebook Ads and Search

We develop advertisements on Facebook for our clients which are attractive, intuitive and interactive. With Facebook becoming popular every day, there is a need for “out of the box” thinking and creative ads. Facebook Ads is a similar concept to Google Adwords, and it works on cost per click basis.

Facebook Search is gaining popularity gradually. It has evolved now where people have started using Facebook Search to find people, friends and more. We are sure Facebook will grow as the first social search engine in the very near future.

Local Search

We make sure toadding all our clients in their local listings. At least around 20 important details need to be filled in accurately and cleverly in order to appear on the top of Google Local Results.

Mobile Search

Our Mobile Search optimization team makes sure that you appear on the top of search engine results positions even when anyone searching from Mobile. We need to do many tweaks on our sites for different search engines to appear on mobile search.

Business Analytics

We provide our clients with accurate statistics of their online marketing campaigns. We use Google Analytics and several other self developed tools in order to gather data and then analyze and suggest changes in the ongoing strategies. We have an expert Google Analytics team who are able to furnish reports.

Branding & Identity

Graphic Design

We provide services for designing graphics such as the designing of logo, image branding, design of Graphical User Interface (GUI), newsletter, online brochures, online designs of a banner, the podium, etc. All this is possible per our designers who put in their best efforts to concentrate on even the smallest of requirements from our clients.

Logo Design

We provide the service of custom designing of logos, which make a lasting impression. The types of logos that we create are for businesses, products and services. We understand our client’s business and define its identity with style.


We design online banners which showcase the brand image in an impressive manner. We follow a step by step process by first understanding the gist of the concept to be used in designing, then the content is finalized and an appropriate design is sketched and final design of the banner is carried out.

Print Design

We create print designs for our clients in order to give a wider exposure to an extensive audience in a manner which markets and advertises the company.

Brochure Design

Online brochures are very useful in advertising a company online as you can email or upload your brochure to display it to a large number of customers in order to generate business. We design effective, innovative and creative brochures for our clients to achieve this. Same brochure can be printed out and distributed in person!


We design newsletters for our clients who can deliver relevant information to their prospects or customers to update them about the latest happenings related to the company, its products and services to market themselves and create an awareness amongst customers.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity through designing everything right from logo, color formation, symbols, and fonts to websites. This is important as users or consumers to actually identify the company and feel connected to the company if the it has the same design throughout its existence in different forms.

Strategic Design

We take up strategic designing so as to showcase the competitiveness and innovative capabilities of the clients through their products and services. Our designing takes place on the basis of market trends and organizing data to making it effective based on facts.

Brand Building

We help in building the brand of our clients on the basis of several factors such as showcasing their quality, positioning their products and services in the target market, repositioning as per the changing market trends, and communicating their advantages in a visually appealing manner to the customers.

  • Creative Development
  • Microsoft Technology
  • Open Source Technology
  • Mobile Application Development Softwares
  • Rich Internet Application
  • Java/J2EE Technology



We use Photoshop to design all of our webistes. It is also used to edit images, create custom graphics, and motion graphics, as well as the creation of 2D and 3D images.


Dreamweaver is used for creating CSS and HTML templates and also editing files before uploading them to a remote server. It allows us to optimize the graphics for your website, create slices and mock-ups, position the content, test and validate the code, and provide maintenance and support.


Illustrator is an editor for creating and modifying vector graphics. This enables faster processing by using patterns which are seamless in nature, and various stroke gradients to fill the graphics with colors and effects.

Adobe Flash Professional

We use Flash to create animation sequences and multimedia content. This allows us to design fully customized interactive experiences that are consistant across multiple devices.

Corel Draw

Corel Graphics Suite is a graphics editor used for designing vector graphics. It bundles a bitmap image editor with CorelDraw, called Corel Photo Paint.


We develop 3D graphics for our clients using 3D Studio Max Software to create images, models and animations with the help of rendering tools that our designers and developers utilize to produce creative and challenging results.


We offer design and creation of 3D graphics, web development, gaming, VFX, and animation through Maya software. Our team is comprised of experts belonging to 3D animation and THE graphic industry that systematically follows the required steps before executing the same.

Microsoft Technology


Asp.net is a Microsoft framework which enables us to build services, programs and sites related to web for our clients. It is based on a platform known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR) that writes the source code on any device supported by the programming language .NET.


C# is an object oriented programming language which supports many paradigms of programming. We develop apps using C#, which is a part of .NET framework, for embedded and hosted systems from operating systems with basic functions to large sophisticated ones with multiple functionalities.


A platform from Microsoft for making applications for web comprisedof multiple web technologies with an infrastructure which is technically common. It has an interface similar to that of Microsoft Office with tools for web which enables us to deliver portals for intranet and extranet, systemsfor file and document management, collaborative systems, social networking, websites, system for enterprise, and business intelligence, etc.


Using WCF (Windows Communications Foundation) and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) enables us to deploy apps which are distributed in order to provide programming which is consistent for application building and amalgamation of business logic with user interface.


With the help of SQL (Structural Query Language) we provide database to our clients which are relational in nature, and as a result the client can actually perform operations on their data such as insertion, query generation, updation, deletion, creation and editing schema, and control of data access.

Open Source Technology


With the help of Magento, the most trusted eCommerce platform, our team delivers interactive and dynamic eCommerce websites and portals which are not only cost effective but also have a high end online shopping cart resulting in giving you an edge over your competitors.

Ruby on Rails

We perform app dev on the Web through Ruby on Rails which is an open source framework offering productive tools to the programmers who are inclined toward developing simple, as well as complex solutions.


We provide customized services in Joomla, a well known Content Management System. It is widely used to create websites, components, extensions, plugins, applications, portals, etc. with the help of a web app framework used in storing data in a MySQL or MS SQL database, RSS feeds, printable pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, search, and supports language Internationalization, which are few free plugins available in Joomla.


We are able to build apps in Drupal, a well known Content Management System, which has been highly praised by thousands of developers and users because of its consistency.

Core PHP

We create websites that are dynamic and powerful with the help of PHP, because its an Open Source Platform. Moreover PHP has been a major platform in web formulation recently because of its Open Source nature.

Zend Framework

We speciliaze in Zend framework, similar to the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture.


A user friendly, free open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.It has many inbuilt features such as a plug-in architecture and a template system.

Mobile Softwares

iPhone SDK

We are experts in delivering software services for the iPhone. Our team is well equipped with the the required knowledge and guidelines of Apple'sInc.’s software kit for the iPhone. Our sincere thanks to Apple to create the ultimate OS for its Apple iPhone and iPad.


With the growing use of the iPad, it has become extremely important to build a software which has a simple yet flexible user interface. We make iPad applications which are user friendly and simple for trading, medical, gaming and entertainment sectors.


With the help of API and Android Software Development Kit (SDK), we are able to offer dynamic and innovative solutions for the android operating system. Our products not only deliver performance but also act as a utility for users. We are grateful to Google for developing such a wonderful OS.

Blackberry SDK

We build a product based on APIs and tools meant for Blackberry using an integrated development environment known as Java Development Environment (JDE). For this purpose, software platforms that are used are: MDS and Java Virtual Machine J2ME.


We provide programs for the Windows platform using windows packages such as .Net Framework and Visual Studio .Net.


Our team has worked on a couple of projects based on Symbian. If you have any specific requirements with Symbian, please call on us!

Rich Internet

Adobe Flex

We use flex programming or Apache Flex, which is a software development kit (SDK), to create and deliver internet apps for our clients which are compatible on various platforms, rich in content and based on the Adobe Flash platform.

Microsoft SilverLight

We develop internet rich apps using an application framework such as Microsoft Silverlight, with similar features to that of Adobe Flash, that is fully loaded with features like animation, graphics and multimedia.

2D and 3D

We develop 2D and 3D graphics for our clients using various software to create images, models and animations through rendering tools that assist our designers and developers focus on more of the creative side and delivering challenging results. We offer design and creation of 2D and 3D graphics for web development, gaming, VFX, animation.

Flash Animation

We use ActionScript (an open source language) for Flash to make animation, software and websites based on the platform of Adobe Flash Player where you will see web pages embedded in the form of SWF files.

Microsoft Surface

With the help of programs based on Microsoft Surface Development, our clients can choose to work directly on advanced Microsoft Surface platforms with high end wireless features on highly upgraded platform with latest functions.

Java/J2EE Technology


Our team consists of Java Professionals who produce programs based on the Java platform.

Groovy on Rails or Grails

Through the platform of Groovy on Rails or Grails, apps are designed with the help of a web framework wherein Java technologies such as spring and hibernate are repeatedly used. It is one of the most consistent frameworks that is extremely easy to learn.


For business enterprises, programs are built through JavaFX, to deliver a user interface platform for Java which is accelerated by hardware and light weight. These applications use standard development Java tools. Clients can have seamless connectivity with the middleware and various capabilities of the system.


With the help of the Oracle we offer our client a database where the client can perform operations on their data such as insertion, query generation, updation, deletion, creation and editing schema, and control of access of the data.

Our Fans

What a great company in the Los Angeles region. After my first meeting with them, I knew that they had what other Web Design companies didn’t have…..a commitment, and conscientiousness to do right by the client, along with a high level of expertise in computers & graphics. During the process I asked for design choices….no problem. I asked for an easy user interface….no problem. I asked for our ability to manage the changing content of our site…no problem. I asked for a timeline to be “online”…no problem. Even when I asked for “just one more thing”…there was never a problem. These guys rock! I always felt listened to and completely taken care of. With the quality of the work and attention that I received, I will recommend them to everyone I know.

Gary Ladinsky, President
Design Fx Audio

I highly recommend SPINX for web design. They were creative in their design for my site and customized it so it has a unique look that sets it apart from others. They were amazingly fast in their work and had my sight up and running in no time. They are reliable and give you what they promise they will give you. They kept or beat all deadlines. I am so pleased with their work that I will continue to have them maintain my site for updates.

Susan Ashley

I have been privileged to work with Sukesh in Los Angeles for nearly a year now in my capacity as Director of Donor Services. Sukesh came to our organization based upon a recommendation from our previous web designer who was leaving the industry. From day one, Sukesh was responsive and amenable to our suggestions. Many web designers take a "holier than thou" attitude with their clients and at best humor them and at worst, demand that their way to do things is the ONLY way. Sukesh was able to hear our concerns, our frustrations, our visions, and our suggestions and incorporate all of these disparate elements into a website that is not only functional and attractive but also is donor friendly and easy to maneuver. We constantly have changes that need to be made as our needs within our nonprofit organization change, and Sukesh not only will take the time to make sure he understands what we're asking for but WHY we want things done a certain way and then meticulously do the programming needed while checking in with us every step of the way. He is responsive, he is thorough and we are pleased to be partnered with him.

Bria Silbert
Director of Donor Services

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

As a national nonprofit organization it is often a challenge to communicate our message throughout the country and the world. To help us, Spinx completely redesigned and enhanced our website, which has lead to more visits and donations. We are impressed with how efficient your service is and how much we have benefited from our collaborative efforts.Additionally, we appreciate how you have been able to bring our vision to life. We strongly recommend Spinx at Los Angeles for web design and assistance.

Heather Wolfson
Special Projects Manager

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

Our experience with Spinx was one to be very thankful for. We are a small, entrepreneurial start-up that needed a great product for a good, fair price. Spinx was the answer. The Design and Programming Team really helped us translate our rough ideas into a concise, effective, and aesthetically-pleasing website that we have received great feedback on. After seeing what Spinx is capable of we decided to continue our working relationship and hired the Spinx Team to design and program an iPhone app for us. We are very confident that our working relationship will continue in the future as Spinx is a great group of hard-working, talented individuals who do their very best to help their clients.

Amanda Campbell
The UrbanHangOut

We were very pleased with the Spinx company’s work on our website. The team at Spinx worked closely with our staff to reach our goals of attracting more online donations and modernizing the look and feel of our site through a complete redesign. Spinx delivered high quality improvements to features on our site, such as adding mapping technology to our Pantry Locator resource. They were also able to customize many of the site content management features to meet the needs of our organization. Their innovative suggestions – such as the creation of an iPhone application – were also valuable. We had a very successful experience with Spinx and would highly recommend them to other organizations.

Darren Hoffman, Julie Flynn
Los Angeles Foodbank

Before choosing a web design company to take on my company's project, I researched a good 30-40 web design companies, both domestic and international. After speaking with Spinx, they were by far the most qualified and professional company out there in Los Angeles. Spinx not only created a total of 3 websites for us, but did a fantastic job. In short, I would be justified in saying they went above and beyond my expectations. I wanted to meet with the owner several times in person and they accommodated those needs each time with no problems. They were always available by email and phone if necessary. I have nothing, but positive comments about Spinx. Picking a web design company might be one of the most important decisions you make insofar as the web is going to be taking over the world. Don't make the mistake by choosing a company you don't trust. As a CEO, I can tell you that Spinx is a well run company that will accommodate all your needs. I am a busy CEO, but would be more than happy to speak with anyone on behalf of Spinx Web Design. Feel free to email me at dblack@collegematchers.com and we can set up a phone call. I have nothing, but positive comments about Spinx. Picking a web design company might be one of the most important decisions you make insofar as the web is going to be taking over the world. Don't make the mistake by choosing a company you don't trust. As a CEO, I can tell you that Spinx is a well run company that will accommodate all your needs. I am a busy CEO, but would be more than happy to speak with anyone on behalf of Spinx Web Design. Feel free to email me at dblack@collegematchers.com and we can set up a phone call.

Daniel Black, CEO
College Matchers, Inc

I remember back in 2005 when SPINX was just a small website design company, with only 4 people in the Los Angeles office, and one website designer to work on all our projects. Since there were just a handful of us, we all formed a close bond with each other and were like a small family. As the technology started to become more advanced and demands for websites began to increase, we started getting more web designing projects ranging from simple, static informational sites to more complex, dynamic eCommerce sites. Seven years later, our family of 4 has grown to about 60 and began expanding our services. Spinx has come from a small website designing company to a full service website development company. We now have a team of fantastic website designers that deliver high quality work to our long list of satisfied clients. So, all of us here at Spinx are not just web designers, but a family of creative individuals that are here to provide our clients with the best of web services.

Project Manager



Customer Relation Management

We provide solutions in the field of CRM by designing a system which helps the company to interact with its prospects, clients and customers. We achieve this by integrating technology with real life sales activities to synchronize, automate and organize sales, marketing and customer data.

Customized Business Solutions

We offer business solutions to clients, which are customized per their needs and help our clients grow their business by satisfying their expectations and fulfilling required results. These solutions make our clients life easier!


We develop software solutions in e-Learning for institutions, organizations, corporations and companies with the help of our programmers who excel in developing applications for online learning using web or internet.


We provide solutions in the fast moving consumer goods industry (FMCG) in the form of applications which are capable enough not only to integrate with the distributors, wholesalers and retailers but also to serve customers efficiently with the help of management of MIS, orders, purchase, sales, accounts, stocks, etc.


We provide technology solutions to our clients in the Financial domain. From small financial institutions to large scale banks, technology for their operations is a requirement. We help them by providing robust and secured solutions.


We also provide unique solutions to beauty and health industry clients by designing, promoting, and optimizing the website for search engine rankings and hosting and maintaining the website.

Insurance Portals

We provide portal services for the Insurance sector also. Complex requirements like engaging B2B model and B2C models in the same portal are developed cautiously and carefully by our genius programming team.


We provide solutions belonging to jewelry industry thus permitting our clients to stock their items and organize them to keep track of their various products and follow up with their sales team. Also, serial-wise reporting can be done related to products and people.

Media & Entertainment

We specialize in providing solutions related to the media industry .Current age is customer centric and digitized. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to help our clients reduce costs and excel competition.


We specialize in providing medical solutions in the form of systems which can store records of patients, staff, case history files, etc. We offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions for hospitals and medical institutes which help our clients reduce costs and compete effectively.

Non Profit Sector

We specialize in providing solutions for non profit sector to track the expense and income meant for needy people coming from various sources. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering solutions to these organizations to reduce their cost and spend in the right track.

Online Gambling

We provide solutions to the online gambling industry so as to integrate multiple players to play online seamlessly and simultaneously. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to help our clients make online payments and earn money online through safe payment gateways in the online gambling industry.

Point of Sales Systems

We provide point of sale solutions. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to help smoothen transactions with unique product id and barcode system.

Powerful Sales Apps

We specialize in providing interactive solutions delivering powerful sales applications. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to help our clients increase their sales.

Real Estate Portal

We also provide solutions in the real estate industry wherein various activities are tracked such as display of properties according to prices and locations. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to help our clients market relevant plots, land or schemes to the customers online.

Retail Industry

We provide solutions in retail industry wherein multiple outlets or branches are interlinked with each other resulting in integrated and shared records. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to help our clients keep track of their business in different locations.

Supply Chain Management Systems

We specialize in providing solutions in supply chain management so as to keep track of the distributors, retailers, shopkeepers, customers, etc. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to help our clients maintain the supply chain in order to easily meet the fluctuating demand and supply cycle.

Tour & Travel

We provide solutions in the travel industry also. Our consultants offer technical and business expertise in delivering creative and innovative solutions to assist our clients offer the best packages online to satisfy their clients in turn.

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